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Brooklyn Informed: Peter's Secret Garden

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    Food doesn't get any more local than when you can plant, pick, cook, and eat it all within a space of about five feet. That's the exactly the situation that building manager Peter Malerba finds himself in. The longtime Brooklyn resident takes advantage of having open access to a vast rooftop by growing a variety of organic delights every summer. But like a good Brooklynite, Malerba isn't high and mighty abou it. "I like gardening, so I do it," he says bluntly. His partner Liz Turner, a third grade teacher, uses the garden as an educational tool, teaching kids what local and organic food means.


    Eat LACMA: The Food Pyramid

  • Artist collective Didier Hess designs and builds a food pyramid/fish taco farm on the LACMA campus.
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  • Filtered Water Bottle for Life on the Move
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  • From the Farmbox

  • Shawn Traylor takes a day away from his farmbox cooking odyssey to plant his very own Russian-style garden.
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