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Plastic State of Mind

  • A rap parody with a purpose.

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    Filmmaker Ben Zolno's "Plastic State of Mind" parodizes the hit Jay-Z/Alicia Keys track on behalf of a cause we hold dear around here: banning single use plastic. Commissioned by Green Sangha, a Californian spiritual and activist group, the video reminds us that even though awareness is growing of the harm caused by plastic bags, shoppers use a million grocery bags every single minute. That's why you should "Bring your own, don’t you forget, dude!"


    One Plastic Beach

  • A California couple transforms plastic beach debris into stunning artwork
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  • Holstee Wallet

  • This vegan wallet is made primarily of plastic bags and newspapers, collected off the streets of Delhi in India.
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  • The Death of the Plastic Bag

  • L.A. ban marks tipping point in the demise of the plastic bag
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