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Stag Takes Dining Underground - and Beyond

  • With a shared passion for sustainability, Stag Dining Group & SHFT team up at Sundance

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    The latest food rage that's sweeping the nation is taking place underground. Clandestine dinners are one-off events held at secret locations, where in-the-know guests rub elbows with like-minded diners. Next week, Stag Dining GroupCocktail Lab, and FAIR. Spirits team up with SHFT at Sundance (in conjunction with Ford and W Residences Hollywood) to bring a shared commitment to sustainability, showcasing local and organic fare at a zero-waste event. In this clip, we catch up with Stag before and during an event held last summer, with live music delivered by California soulster Aloe Blacc, who's also on the bill at our Sundance dinner. 


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