“Eat Fresh” Indeed

It is a rare occasion that you'll find a post on SHFT commending the fast food industry, which gets a general fail for its heavy footprint and for pushing products of dubious nutritional value. In Japan, a busy Subway location in Tokyo is making a move in the right direction, with a new, enclosed hydroponic garden for growing lettuce.

Adding truth to the Subway tagline "Eat Fresh," the move is a commendable step toward sustainability. But let's not get overexcited — the garden can only supply enough lettuce for about 5% of the sandwiches made at the outlet.

In any case, we can't knock the shift. Companies take note: When something is good for the planet, it's almost always good for your brand.

Check out a video of the hydroponic operation over at Treehugger.

(Via Inhabitat)

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