Farmers’ Market on Wheels

If, like us, you're into eating sustainably and supporting local agriculture, but you're not as into driving across town to the closest farmers' market, then get stoked for the latest trend in food distribution: Mobile Farm Trucks.

Like a CSA on wheels, Mobile Farm Trucks (or Mobile Farmers' Markets) deliver farm fresh produce to urban and rural communities. As Judi Gerber of Care2 writes, the concept capitalizes on the growing popularity of both food trucks and sustainable eating.

And they're not just for the well-heeled. In New York City, (assuming it gets the appropriate permits) the Holton Farms Mobile Farm Truck will serve low-income communities at discount prices. Run by sustainable farmers who partner with other farms and artisan producers, the Farm Truck offers not only fresh, organic produce, but also ice cream, cheeses, breads, coffee, grains, and soaps.

A bunch of other Mobile Farm Truck operations are popping up around the country as well.

Photo credit: Holton Farms

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