Grain Salad Goodness

Nothing against rice and beans, but there’s a whole world of grainy goodness beyond, a culinary realm that’s criminally ignored in most kitchens (including our’s). Barley, bulgur, quinoa, millet — whole grains are readily available, easy to cook, and make for scrumptious summer salads.

After 30 years making salads using rice, beans, and lentils, LA Times writer Russ Parsons dove headlong into the world of whole grains, returning with some great ideas for grain-based salads. Like this quinoa salad with grilled corn, tomatoes and cilantro, which injects a refreshing southwestern flair to summer dinner. Or this nutty-flavored bulgur salad with arugula, zucchini and pine nuts.

But the one that really caught our eye is the farro salad with mushrooms, dill and feta (pictured), which gets bonus marks for including cheese.

Read all about Parsons’ whole grain experiments at the LA Times.

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