Organic Orange Orchard

It's been a tumultuous few years for Isabelle Cossart. First, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, then Hurricane Katrina tore through her neighborhood, then her husband left her for her best friend. In the ensuing divorce she was left with a three-plus acre fruit orchard, and was suddenly transformed into a farmer. Turns out she's pretty good at it. The produce from Cossart's Organic Orange Orchard caught the attention of top local chef Donald Link, who now buys citrus from Cossart for all four of his restaurants. “Her blood oranges are the best I’ve had,” he said.

But the transformation into farmer hasn't come without sacrifice. “I gave up on my nails, because that’s one thing in a farmer’s life: you can’t have nails.”

(via NYT Magazine)

Photo: David La Spina/NYT

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