Thanksgiving Side Dishes That Don’t Suck

Do you try to cook something new on the holidays, particularly Thanksgiving, when it seems that there can never be too much food? I often do, and sometimes these fledgling recipes soar, while other times, crash-land on the table to a piteous chorus of what-if-I’d-done-that-insteads. Adding a new dish to your list of “classics” can take a little more than one Thursday to figure out. Especially if you’re busy with all the rest of the courses that make up Thanksgiving, as if that weren’t enough work.

But we all love to get excited about the meal over a table of beautiful, colorful and appetizing sides. So surprise others — not yourself — this year by trying out some of these tried-and-true favorites from my kitchen to yours. They’re simple enough to make by an under-experienced hand, and focus on fresh, seasonal vegetables to round out the meal. See the slideshow, and click on each recipe’s link to view the complete recipe in its own blog post.

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Photo: Shredded Kale Salad with Honey Mustard and Pomegranate (Cathy Erway) 

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