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We’re a month into the new year. If you’re a student, that means it’s due time to start figuring out gainful employment for the summer. Sucks, we know, but you can’t just laze away four months in the sun. What you can do is work at something meaningful and productive in the name of local, sustainable food.

Helene York, of Bon-Appetit, a sustainable food services company, has compiled a nice and thorough list of internships and job opportunities for budding food advocates.

Two good places to start are Sustainable Food Jobs and Good Food Jobs, two sites that post job listings with companies, farms, and restaurants, as well as offering tips and advice on working in the field of sustainable food.

If you’re interested in food security, you might want to apply for a fellowship through the Congressional Hunger Center.

For school gardens work, check out Food Corps, part of the AmeriCorps umbrella.

Farming internships are another avenue to pursue your passion for sustainable food. There are tons of opportunities to learn how to farm sustainably. Greenhorns, Serve Your Country Food, and Farm School are but a few of the resources out there. The USDA also posts an extensive state-by-state directory of Educational and Training Opportunities in Sustainable Agriculture.

Lots more ideas at The Atlantic. Act quick!

Photo: Greenhorns

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