Young Farmers Join the Food Shift

It’s no secret that young people are psyched on farming these days. Nowhere is that more evident than in rural Oregon, where NYT writer Isolde Rafferty discovered a burgeoning movement of young farmers making a run at small-scale agriculture by doing things the old school way. Shunning the ways of industrial farming, the new generation of ranchers and growers are capitalizing on heightened demand for locally-grown produce and pasture-raised meats.

“People want to connect more than they can at their grocery store,” said Alicia Jones, a 30-year old who runs a livestock farm near Corvallis, Ore. with her husband. “We had a couple who came down from Portland and asked if they could collect their own eggs. We said, ‘O.K., sure.’ They want to trust their producer, because there’s so little trust in food these days.”

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Photos: Leah Nash/The New York Times

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