The Giza pyramids are the dramatic backdrop for a new installation by anonymous Spanish artist SpY. Inspired by Egyptian symbolism and mathematics.
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Every year, the global environmental organization The Nature Conservancy holds a photo contest to show the beauty of nature and what we stand to lose to climate change. The 2022 Photo Contest saw the largest participation ever, with entries from 196 countries across six categories.
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The West sees its culpability in this man-made disaster but prefers to blame the victim.
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Mayors mobilizing residents to engage communities and address issues
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German photographer Florian Wenzel recently spent 40 days traveling through New Zealand, taking in its gorgeous landscape.
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By Richard Conniff for The New York Times
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Past Commitments Made By Manufacturers Have Eroded
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Photography by Ann Lee
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Sebastian Wahlhutter Photographed The Highland Meeting Monte Plana
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