Director Maxime Bruneel creates arty, collage-based visuals for French indie pop outfit
David Tanis doles out his favorite recipe for The New York Times
3 minute read
New York's Mixtape Club animation studio take us on a surreal apple adventure in CGI and stop motion.
This compact home at the base of the Andes Mountains is a breath of fresh air
8 minute read
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Eric Ripert at Le Bernardin is the first chef in New York City to be cooking with Nature’s Fynd, which is not seafood at all, but a protein fermented from an extremophilic fungal microbe (Fusarium strain flavolapis or “yellow stone,” nicknamed Fy) discovered by NASA-funded scientists in an acidic hot spring in Yellowstone National Park.
24 minute read
A new retreat in the Hudson Valley from the perennially hip, Taavo Somer
5 minute read
Chef Dan Barber has long been an outspoken champion of sustainable agriculture, advocating for chefs to embrace cost-effective crops like buckwheat instead of imported heirloom tomatoes.
9 minute read
India’s lattice buildings are both beautiful, unique, and efficient in keeping the building cool without the need for any air conditioner.
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A made-in-California classic, available in fifteen colors