Every year, the global environmental organization The Nature Conservancy holds a photo contest to show the beauty of nature and what we stand to lose to climate change. The 2022 Photo Contest saw the largest participation ever, with entries from 196 countries across six categories.
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If a building also has batteries to store the energy, it could be totally self-sufficient.
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Bird-shaped soaps support wildlife restoration in Louisiana
It’s hard not to be aware of Moby. His wildly popular ambient-pop albums and his DJ work which has earned him top billing with EDM fans all over the world has made him a relevant cultural presence for decades. It’s also hard not to know that he’s an avid environmentalist. Moby personifies the idea of using your platform – whatever it may be – to draw attention to issues that need attention drawn to them. And in Moby’s case, it’s most often the environment. 
If Technology Helps Us Save The Wilderness, Will The Wilderness Still Be Wild?
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By Richard Conniff for The New York Times
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Restoring the Life to Canada's Temperate Rainforests
By George Steinmetz
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From Architects Michaelis Boyd and Nick Plewman
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