PSAs: Don't Mess With CA, Starring David Arquette

If you’ve been hanging out on SHFT lately, you probably know that Prop 23 is a dirty bill that Texas oil companies and out of state special interests are funding to reverse California’s environmental laws. These dirty enegy companies make the claim that due to the 12.5% unemployment rate in the state, that we should suspend AB 32 until unemployment drops to 5.5% for four quarters in a row, aka never. Truth is, if Prop 23 passes, all the California clean tech businesses and the jobs that they create would leave the state for Nevada, Arizona, and China.

SHFT was tapped by Green Technology Leadership Group, a politcal action committee, to produce and distribute these PSAs to educate and help kill Prop 23. With Don’t Mess with CA, David Arquette got to flex his muscles and Matthew Cooke got to play with martial arts and special effects — all for a good cause.

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