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Brooklyn Informed: Rockaway Taco

  • Rockaway Taco anchors a growing green community at the end of the A train.

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    In the summer, surfers and sun-seekers descend on Rockaway, Queens to enjoy the best waves and beaches NYC has to offer. Opened two years ago, Rockaway Taco gives New Yorkers another reason to ride the A train to the end of the line. In this episode of BK Informed, we talk sustainability with Andrew Field, who explains Rockaway's Beach 96 movement — the name given to the growing green community that's building up around their humble taco shop and produce stand.


    Note: when you go, try the black bean plantain quesadilla. It's insane. Also note: Rockaway Taco is closed til next spring, so you'll have to wait til then. Very sorry.


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