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Sigur Ros, "Eg anda"

  • New clip from director Ramin Bahrani offers a grim comment on industrialization and wildlife

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    Icelandic dream pop heroes Sigur Ros continue their "Valtari Mystery Film Experiment" with a new video for Valtari cut "Eg anda", directed by Ramin Bahrani. Juxtaposing images of animals against clips of industrialization, the video offers some grim commentary on effects of humans on wildlife.

    For the film project, the band commissioned a dozen filmmakers to create music videos for tracks on their Valtari LP. Each filmmaker was given the "same modest budget and asked to create whatever comes into their head when they listen to songs from Valtari. The idea is to bypass the usual artistic approval process and allow people utmost creative freedom."

    Bahrani's video is dedicated to the memory of Jenni Jenkins, a sustainability advocate who passed away in a car crash late last year.


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