Eric Ripert at Le Bernardin is the first chef in New York City to be cooking with Nature’s Fynd, which is not seafood at all, but a protein fermented from an extremophilic fungal microbe (Fusarium strain flavolapis or “yellow stone,” nicknamed Fy) discovered by NASA-funded scientists in an acidic hot spring in Yellowstone National Park.
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The West sees its culpability in this man-made disaster but prefers to blame the victim.
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Robb Willer for The New York Times, Gray Matter
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How do we get modern energy to the global poor without frying the planet?
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Secular climate change activists can learn from evangelical Christians
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Forget what you know about what grows where
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In a brilliant article for The New York Times, Amy Harmon explores the fascinating fight over genetically modified crops in Hawaii
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Volatile temperatures don't bode well for worldwide deficit, report warns
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Neil Wagner on how global warming threatens the world economy
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In Qatar, climate activists call on Islamic leaders to take a stand against global warming
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