Here are three Japanese companies with solutions that they hope will help their country cut its food waste in half by 2030, perhaps saving a bit of the planet along the way.
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Every year, the food industry generates up to 8 million tons of crab, lobster, and shrimp shells, many of which are either dumped back in the ocean or end up in landfills. Now, a biomaterials startup called TômTex wants you to wear them instead.
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From Sarah Smith, AKA Modern Flower Child
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Aerial photographs of Dutch waterworks
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Seventh-generation farmer Forrest Pritchard skewers television's portrayal of agriculture
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Etsy profiles Inupiat hunter Sylvester Arak, who balances a subsistence lifestyle with artistic pursuits
A sticky and cozy Christmastime treat, from Jennifer Reese
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Community Shop opens its doors at the ACE Hotel in Palm Springs.
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