Wind Turbines in China
Giant wind turbine rises up to 70 floors and occupies 9 football fields Chinese energy company MingYang has announced the creation of its next flagship offshore wind turbine, MySE 18.X-28X.
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Here are three Japanese companies with solutions that they hope will help their country cut its food waste in half by 2030, perhaps saving a bit of the planet along the way.
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Is this the future of urban transportation?
By Sylvain Viau
1 minute read
By Paul Greenberg and Boris Worm
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Just get there! This Tuesday, vote NO on Prop. 23. A SHFT PSA directed by Jonathan Glatzer.
Take a photographic journey along the northernmost road in America
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In prestigious Vendee Globe sailing race, Javier Sanso's boat relies on the power of wind, water and sun
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The Nature Conservancy forges surprising partnerships to further its mission
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